About Me

Big Family. Big Ideas. Big Mouth. Big Hair (ugh, I wish). Big Mood.


Hey Ya’ll!  I’m Meg Lowery. Not at all southern, but married to a good ole’ poker playing, Flori-bama redneck named Frank who says ‘Yes Ma’am’ and believes all food should be fried up in bacon grease. Together, we’re raising cain and lots of babies. Four, to be exact. Just poppin’ em out like t-shirts at a basketball game and every single one turned out so impossibly cute we couldn’t even help ourselves!

Welcome to Roost & Ramble! A tiny little corner of the internet where I spill all the beans on making our house a home, and cultivating a feeling of ‘home’ when we’re on the road. I’ll over share my opinions on motherhood, sisterhood, & adulthood, flesh out the victories and the failures of amateur DIY and home design, take you along on our travel adventures, and deliver healthy doses of sass and sarcasm because I don’t know how not to. My hope, above all else, is to connect with my most beloved earthly treasure: Spicy Margaritas! I kid, I kid – It’s community! It’s Y.O.U. People are my jam you guys. I just wanna squeeze their perfectly imperfect little guts out. I could not be more excited to plant ‘The Village’ seeds right here on Al Gore’s internet, and watch them grow into something beautiful. 

I want to tell you ALL THE THINGS ‘About Me’ in this aptly named space, but in fairness, you don’t need an intro so much as a disclaimer.

Here it is:  

  • I love Jesus, but I cuss a little.
  • I say inappropriate things, I share too much, and I laugh way too loud.
  • I sing songs off-key and dance a big, proud, bad, white-girl dance in Target because I like to watch the color rise in the faces of my children. I will be an idiot all day long, with little regard for my own dignity, if it means I can make somebody laugh and I will happily document and share it on the inter webs for all to enjoy.
  • I shower less than I can reasonably justify, but still vehemently blame it on the dry climate that is my home sweet Colorado home. I have developed a well-researched formula and ‘hands to the sky swear’ that dirt, grime, and a little shot of dry shampoo are the stuff that pumped-up roots & big-Texas-hair dreams are made of. Also, I don’t sweat enough to make it worth the effort.
  • I shamelessly knock-off home décor and art for my own personal use. Don’t be judgy with me on this. I’m not stealing people’s genius and selling it for profit. My only payout is ardent pride and the sheer satisfaction of accomplishment. I simply cannot pay hoards of hard-earned money for something I can make with my own two hands. I have a whole houseful of mouths to feed. Also, I’m a cheap ass. 
  • I have a fierce, unabashed and unapologetic love for my children. There is no humble to my brag where they are concerned; They are the four most beautiful, brilliant, and charming little darlings. That is, until they’re not. In which case I can only lament in frustration and wonder how in the hell my husbands kids turned out so unbelievably awful. But even at their worst, I love them with a savagery I cannot explain. If you poke at my mama bear I will eat your face off with my ugly words and stink eye. I can’t even be sorry about this.

Whew! I am glad that’s all off my chest. If you’re still around after that full admission of all my foibles, let’s be friends okay? I’m so stinkin’ glad that you’re here! There are at least a million reasons why you’ll want to stick around, but the biggest one:

You’re gonna like me. Like, a lot. At least that’s what my mama’s been telling me my whole life so it must be bible.

I hope you’ll stick around awhile. Sink into you favorite spot on the couch, pour yourself some bubbly, and subscribe below! I really don’t want to do this thing without you!