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BUDDIES! Welcome to Week 7 of the One Room Challenge ™ sponsored by Better Homes & Garden!! One week until the big reveal and you know what that means: Caffeine flows freely, emotions fluctuate wildly and sleep/showers/basic self-care are at an all time low. Of course I say these things in jest, but there is some truth to getting down to the wire on a big project like this and to be honest, I oscillate hugely between living for the thrill of the impending deadline and dying a slow, painful death. (Clearly I have a flair for the dramatic.) However, I can’t blame it all on the ORC; this week we also sent my oldest back to school in Hawaii (sad face) and our sweet pup, Mr. P the Pom, had an unexpected major surgical procedure. He’s recovering well, but suffice to say we’ve been a bit frenzied.

Before we dig in on what else went down this week, allow me catch you up on the One Room Challenge ™ weekly progress to date: Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 CANCELLED | Week 6 |

Vanity Legs

It is so hard to add anything else to the project list at this stage of the game, but those white metal freebie Ikea table legs were doing absolutely nothing good for this cute little desk/vanity area. I found an awesome alternative that seemed easy enough to build, so I tackled that this week. I followed this tutorial, and y”all. It was the easiest thing I’ve done in 7 weeks. Seriously. I used some of the rough sawn aspen scraps we had left over from the ceiling beams: 2 cuts on the table saw, 8 cuts on the miter saw, 8 screws, 15 minutes. Done. I luh-luh-love them! Such an improvement.

Barn Doors

They’re finally up, and they’re freaking awesome! It took a lot of unexpected work to get them to ‘awesome’ though; I chose a mid-grade MDF vs. the ultra smooth MDF to save on money and did not anticipate the amount of extra effort it would take to get them smooth and non-porous; Think TONS of wood filler, caulk and multiple rounds of sanding, priming and painting. Next time I’ll pay the extra $20 and save myself the headache.

I had been indecisive about what color to paint them (black, white, or a fun rust color) and on a whim I decided to go black figuring a darker color might help hide the imperfections and also balance out a piece of art I added to the other side of the room. I really love the way this ‘pops’ off the wall and was hopeful the same affect would be achieved with the doors.

This artwork actually belongs to an old friend. We’ve been ‘storing’ it for him for years so figured we’d finally put it to use.

I’m trying really hard to maintain the light and airy elements of this room, but what can I say? Ya girl loves good contrast. I still need to install the floor guides and tweak a few more elements, but otherwise, these babies are golden.

I’m saving the full shot for the final reveal, but here are a few teasers to hold you over until then.


I finally pulled the trigger and bought a rug! After an unreasonable amount of deliberation I selected this Martha Nordic Diamond Area Rug from Overstock. The price, size, pattern and colors appeared almost too good to be true. But when we unrolled it for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. This rug is awesome guys. WAY higher quality than I was expecting for the price. It super soft, great pile, and is made of a polyester/polypropylene blend so it is stain resistant, pet AND teenage girl friendly. I love that it’s got enough of a pattern to hide the inevitable Starbucks spills and marker mishaps, but not too much as to detract from the rest of the space.

I came in so far under budget thanks to a mega sale and some ‘Club O’ rewards that I was able to snag an inexpensive ivory cowhide from Etsy Seller BellaMIrella. I love that it adds an extra element of warmth and texture to the space and gives Emmy’s feet a soft place to land during the cold winter months. Plus, these branding marks add an extra dose of character that I’m so in to.

This Week…On the Gram

I’ll be working to wrap up what’s left of ‘The Project List.’ It’s doable, but the workload is still hefty! I need to knock out the DIY Wall gallery sponsored by Parabo Press, Lots of spray painting hardware, a chair, a screen and a door knob, I still need to dye the canvas headboard cover, style the shelves, figure out the rest of the bedding situation and furnish the room.

Towards the end of the week a gaggle of girlfriends are coming for a visit so I’m also going to have to spend some time cleaning this neglected house. Lets just hope no one ‘spills the wine’ on Emmy Lou’s new rug before I can get it photographed!


  • Repaint the entire room in ‘Benjamin Moore White Dove’
  • Spray paint window vinyl black
  • Trim out built-in shelves
  • Closet build out (extra shelves, shoe storage)
  • Remove and replace all trim & baseboards
  • Remove carpet, pad, and tacks
  • Fill tack holes with cement patch
  • DIY Limewash cement floors
  • Poly coat cement floors
  • DIY faux ceiling beams
  • Refinish rustic bench
  • Clean out and wash window well
  • Spray Paint Window Well white
  • Spray Paint frame hardware, screen, desk chair black
  • DIY Artifact Uprising Acrylic frame Dupe & Parabola’s Press photo grid sponsored by Parabo Press (photos ordered!)
  • Build DIY Modern Barn Door
  • Install Barn Door
  • Bed deconstruction and reconstruction
  • Replace light fixture
  • Sew and install curtains
  • Dye Headboard Canvas
  • Sew/order Pillows
  • DIY Desk/Vanity
  • redo vanity legs
  • Select and Order Rug
  • Select and Order bedding
  • Shelf styling
  • Touch up paint
  • Furnish
  • Photograph the space


Here’s what’s been purchased thus far (new purchases in bold)

  • Martha Nordic Diamond Area Rug $204.21 (after coupon and rewards)
  • Beige Cowhide $120.39
  • Throw $24.99
  • Gold Triangle Side Table (HomeGoods) $49.99
  • Door Materials (Wood & MDF) $111.01 
  • Digital Rhianna Print $30
  • Bedding (Duvet and coverlet) $160
  • Polycrylic for floors, shelves and closet (1 gal) $50.98
  • Window Treatments (Curtain Rod & Ring Clips) $42.97
  • Single Track Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit ($140.05)
  • Trim (Includes Built-ins, Closet shelving & header, door trim and baseboards): $121.58 
  • Window Sill Wood & Spray Paint: $13.72
  • Cement Floors (includes patch, Limewash, acrylic binder & brush): $82
  • Ceiling Beams – $0 (We ended up using 12 ft rough sawn aspen boards we had left over from another project.)
  • DIY Bed Deconstruction & Reconstruction (4×8′ sheet of ply): $28
  • Amazeballs West Elm Light Fixture found on eBay $252.81 (retails $599)
  • RUNNING TOTAL – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – $1,033.12


I am tickled pink to be partnering with some seriously amazing companies during this year’s One Room Challenge including: 


I hope you’ll continue to follow along each week as I document the process of renovating a room under the gun and on a dime! Look for my post updates each Thursday, and if you’d like to follow the day to day progress as well meet me in my Instagram stories. 

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Thanks for being here!


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